chuck hall 2THE JOURNEY

On June 1st, Chuck Hall will embark on a bike journey across the United States, beginning in San Francisco, California and ending in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

He will cover over 3,872 miles in 52 days.


Chuck is using his cross-country ride to raise awareness and funding for the Mike’s TEAM mentoring and BOSS technology programs at the Clarence Fraim and H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Clubs in Wilmington, DE. The programs work to improve students’ scholastic experiences, grades and futures through mentoring and technology education. Both programs honor the late Mike Clark’s dedication to fostering excellence in youth.


In September of 2012, local cyclist Jim Seuffert, a close friend of Mike Clark’s, initiated BIKE FOR MIKE’S KIDS with the first cross-country ride. Including students as his support team, Jim aimed to raise the funds needed to complete the Mike Clark Skills Center at the Clarence Fraim Boys & Girls Club. In June of 2013, Jim passed the torch to Ann Jornlin and Gail Seitz, who rode across the country to help fund the Achievers Learning and Skills Centers at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club.

Chuck is asking friends, family, and supporters of MIKE’S KIDS to keep the momentum going!  The programs are growing, and need funding to sustain program expenses and staffing.

Your generosity has also inspired the MCLF to build Learning & Skills Centers at other Boys & Girls Clubs! These facilities will house their own Mike’s TEAM and BOSS programs!

Spread the word! Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help us reach our goal!

Together we can make a difference!

The companies below strongly encourage your support of the Third Annual Bike Across America for Mike’s Kids and the MCLF.

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