Beating Odds Studying STEM

BOSS is a technology program designed for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware. In today’s world, the number of jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields is growing quickly. The United States lacks an appropriately skilled workforce to fill these positions. In response to the opportunities created by the technology industry, and the barriers that have prevented youth from lower socioeconomic backgrounds from entering STEM fields, the MCLF created the BOSS program.

BFMK_5There are two exciting components in the BOSS program. The first component is a session that teaches kids to use the program “Scratch” and helps them learn basic coding principles.  The second component is an “Entrepreneurs in Training” session that allows kids to enlist critical thinking skills to identify solutions to real world problems. Participants receive coaching in skills like giving and receiving feedback, presenting, public speaking and mindfulness. In the BOSS program, kids use “Scratch” to illustrate their own business ideas and present them to a panel of influential business people. The panel gives feedback to the youth about their presentations and helps them further develop their ideas.


All BOSS sessions are taught by volunteers from the technology industry. These volunteers include local entrepreneurs, technology experts from J.P. Morgan Chase and developers from ETI, a software company based in Delaware. These volunteers are all committed to helping each child learn basic coding principles and study entrepreneurship.

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